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Twilight Bey nominated for prestigious

'Inspirational Mentor of the Year' award


2010 Housing heroes award

For his remarkable work with Catalyst Housing Group, Twilight Bey has been nominated in the 2010 'Housing Heroes' awards in the category of 'Inspirational Mentor of the Year'!

This event is organised by Inside Housing the UK's leading housing magazine and The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), the professional body for people who work in UK housing.

This awards scheme aims to ensure those 'unsung heroes' of the housing world are recognised and rewarded for their contribution in making housing such a vibrant and caring sector.

The 2009 event was attended by over 700 industry figureheads including representatives of the main trade and professional bodies, UK Government ministers and leading experts from across the housing sector.

Learn more about Twilight's nomination here.

"...I learnt more in 3 days than during (all of) secondary school..."

"...I know more now about success and development in life including education.."

"...I will keep this information for my kids..."

"...Makes you eager to learn more about life in general..."

"... I love this class..."

"... I learnt more in 3 days than during all of secondary school..."

"...It (Twilight's workshop) was very, very good... extremely well constructed..."


Nyelia Mawusi

"...Thank you... I am enlightened, blessed and encouraged to do my bit to make change..."


Joy Prime

"...We need more sessions like this... Twilight's talk was a real eye opener...

Keep up the good work..."


Errol Johnson

"...Brother Twilight Bey was really good... I'm gonna get at him via e-mail..."


Gavin Pinnock

"...We must continue these sessions... EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION..."


Sister Damisi

The New Black Panther Party, Enfield, London

"...Very uplifting and supporting information... your enthusiasm and love for your people is encouraging, helps me to keep up the struggle! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL..."


Jennifer Lane

Brixton, London

"...This programme is so valuable, I hope it can get into schools..."


Mrs. G. Bernard

"...All of Twilight's session was useful, in particular education, as I am teacher...

I found the session very intense but extremely powerful and enlightening..."


Julie Muhammed

Chingford, London

"...I want to learn more... we need more people like you.

I never knew any of this beforeand have been hungry for it..."


Ryan Bell

Stockwell, London

"...Continue to send this presentation around the world!

Excellent! Well done!..."


Name withheld upon request

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