Our team of US & UK based consultants are highly skilled and prepared to deliver results with proficient resources. The knowledge base of our team spans several decades in research and application which ensures that our services are highly efficient.

Our personnel have been police checked and cleared to work with minors. All necessary documents are automatically shown in the event of a booking and can shown upon request.

Mr. Twilight Bey (pictured left) is the lead Social Intervention Specialist and co-founder of SSI.

Twilight grew up in the economically deprived, gang & drug affected communities of South Central Los Angeles for 26 years. He now has more than 18 years of experience in social literacy development, conflict mediation, gang intervention and community and civic organising.

The work he has undertaken spans a broad range of US and international communities and institutions. He contributes to local and international efforts in youth and community focused initiatives such as gang intervention, capacity building, service learning, mentoring and community and leadership development.

Twilight Bey was also a key figure in the initiation of the Peace Talks in 1988 between rival Los Angeles Street Gangs. This led to him becoming a key organiser of the Cease Fire Agreement between the Bloods & crips of Watts, California in 1992.

Under the mentorship of Jim BrownNFL Hall of Famer and All-Time All-Star, activist, movie star and founder and President of Amer-I-Can Inc., Twilight and the other founding members of Amer-I-Can were able to affect positive change throughout the County of Los Angeles in schools and neighbourhoods adversely affected by economic exclusion, poor academic achievement, gangs, drugs and violence.

These efforts have since been successfully adapted in similar communities across the United States and several other countries.

His work and programmes have been described as practical, innovative and genuine by young people, parents, teacher, community and statutory agencies alike. He continues to travel to and from the United States and remains a key participant in the development of social intervention initiatives and services worldwide.

Twilight serves as a co-founder of numerous community based organisations and action committees with the vision to reduce hopelessness and violence and improve socio-economic progression in the disenfranchised sections of society.

A valued contributor in these organisations, Twilight has helped to pioneer innovations and enrichment in the areas of education and social intervention.

Eva Kalundu

Eva Kalundu is the founder of Eve_Olutions, a personal development focused organization that champions person centred approaches. The purpose of this organization is to support & encourage participants to not allow their circumstances to dictate who they are/who they can be, and, with guidance, show them that they have the skills to let go and understand the impact of past conditioning.

She is committed and skilled in developing community development focused programmes that empower individuals to be their level best. She has a BA in Sustainable Communities and an Urban Regeneration foundation degree in Community Development, as well as a Level 2 in Person Centred Counselling Skills.


She also is a graduate of the I CAN programme, and is part of their training team that helps young people and communities recognise the importance of positive change, in areas adversely affected by economic exclusion, poor academic achievement, gangs, drugs and violence.

Eva also co-hosted monthly debates for over a year engaging community members: discussing the impact of mental, physical and spiritual health matters that affect the community, and ways to be a part of the solutions. She has partnered with Social Solutions to bring ”The Reasoning“ to the community, in further discourse about the types of social intervention solutions available to the community.

David Blackwood

David Blackwood is currently a Youth and Community worker in the borough of Lambeth. He signed up to the My Ican self development course, and, after completing the course, found that it enabled him to have clearer mental thought processes and problem-solving abilities.

"... My attitude to my work in the future is very positive! Since completing the trainee stage I cannot wait to sign up for the facilitators course - this will qualify me to deliver this knowledge to adults and young people in the future.


My experience with the Social Solutions Institute has given me the impetus to share their intervention strategies on the local, national and global levels. I would highly recommend SSI to any organization or individuals for development..."

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