Hogarth Blake

Hogarth Blake Ltd is a UK based social studies vehicle aimed at bringing enlightenment of the wide range of issues that face today's world citizens, no matter their age, race, sex or background.

It is the combination of the tireless work of 4 of the world's best social commentators and educational consultants: Paul Obinna, Twilight Bey, Taharka Ekundayo & Sandra Hurst.

Jim Brown

Amer-I-Can Foundation for Social Change is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to expand Amer-I-Can services to communities and individuals.

Founded by NFL All Time All Star Jim Brown (pictured), the Foundation's work became evident when, in 1992, facilitators initiated a ground-breaking truce between rival gangs in Watts, California after the infamous LA riots.

Davey D

Davey D has been a Hip Hop historian, journalist, DJ and community activist since 1977.

His website is one of the oldest & largest on the web on this topic and is frequently referenced by leading journalists, scholars, professors and fans. worldwide.

An exceptional resource.


T.Rodgers is the author of "50 Most Asked Questions About Gangs" and one of the world's foremost authorities on the mentality, motivation & consequences behind modern gang activity.

His grassroots organisation 'Sidewalk Univesity' trains, coaches & implements very practical strategies proven to reduce youth violence and promote positive thinking, self esteem & community building activities.

Praised by many - from ex-gang members to police to senior US politicians.

RiceNPeas films

Rice N peas Films is an independent film production company that specialises in producing evocative, thought-provoking programmes.

Having earned a reputation for producing hard-hitting social documentaries, including the spectular 'BANG! BANG! In Da Manor' (pictured), the company aims to question, to challenge and to educate.

AllHood Publications

Allhood Publications is a native Los Angeles magazine that focuses on issues surrounding the inner city areas of Southern California.

Allhood offers reflective insight into the lives, dreams and politics of 'hood life. Good for those after insight and education... NOT for Copy Cats & Wannabes!!

Inclusive Solutions

'Inclusive Solutions' makes available cutting edge practical strategies and ideas for developing effective inclusion in local mainstream classrooms, schools and communities. They work with anyone who wants to bring about the real systems changes that are necessary to move towards a truly inclusive society.

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