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Socio-economic problems are the great plagues of our time. The effects of inadequate education, poverty, prejudice, racism and political uncertainty has caused crime & social disorder to spiral out of control.

People face a multitude of challenges to maintain self-determined lives that will foster continued growth. As well as this, they need the ability to juggle the realities of home, school, work and a diverse world.

The Social Solutions Institute (SSI) was developed by people coming from various disciplines in the fields of education and intervention.

SSI seeks to create positive social change through its custom personal development programmes. Take a look at the diagram opposite - SSI provides a wide variety of seminars, courses and workshops that target many social aspects.

Answers are short term and transitory.

Solutions aim to change conditions for good.

SSI is an outgrowth of Amer-I-Can - the incredible life management skills program founded by NFL legend Jim Brown. Both organisations have long and verifiable track records of raising self-esteem and turning negative conditioning into positive action.

What are the problems?


You may be aware of some of the issues in the news - teenage pregnancy, poor academic achievement, serial offending, excessive violence, recidivism (returning habitually to crime), drugs & substance abuse & the fast rising issue of gangs.

Problems that you may see in newspapers and on TV are not the problems - they are symptoms of a deeper problem rooted in an individual’s dysfunctional thought process. This automatically leads to a lack of personal development and low self-esteem. For instance, the alcoholic can stop drinking (short term), but until they have got to grips with why they binge (long term), the change will be temporary.


What are the solutions?

We believe in enlarging the scope of individual lives by:

  • Enhancing awareness and social competency 
  • Introducing self-determination techniques
  • Restoring individual responsibility
  • Motivating them with goals
  • Showing how to achieve success and financial stability

Whatever your concerns, SSI can help - learn more about our extensive services, personnel and bookings information.


Twilight Bey nominated for prestigious

'Inspirational Mentor of the Year' award


2010 Housing heroes award

For his remarkable work with Catalyst Housing Group, Twilight Bey has been nominated in the 2010 'Housing Heroes' awards in the category of 'Inspirational Mentor of the Year'!

This event is organised by Inside Housing the UK's leading housing magazine and The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), the professional body for people who work in UK housing.

This awards scheme aims to ensure those 'unsung heroes' of the housing world are recognised and rewarded for their contribution in making housing such a vibrant and caring sector.

The 2009 event was attended by over 700 industry figureheads including representatives of the main trade and professional bodies, UK Government ministers and leading experts from across the housing sector.

Learn more about Twilight's nomination here.

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