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"... I'm working to break ghettos of the mind..."


Twilight with some of the mentors

he has trained in West London

Age 18, Twilight Bey was a key figure in brokering a landmark truce between the Crips & Bloods gangs in LA's notorious Watts and Compton districts. Much of this difficult work was done in the aftermath of the 1992 LA Riots...

He's been in the UK for some time now, working on various mentor schemes, community projects and seminars. 

In his own words: "I'm working to break the ghettos of the mind," he explains. "The problem lies in the head, not in the physical reality. Yes, these young people have difficult surroundings, and sometimes their family lives are really hard but it's important they take responsibility for themselves and fight for a better life."

It's fair to say that he's had some truly amazing results... but don't just take our word for it... click here to read a breakthrough interview with Twilight by  Aidan Jones at The London Informer newspaper...

"... I Used To Be a Gangsta..."


With the constant barrage of stories about violent crime and the perpetrators being volatile ready to snap young people, its easy to become a little paranoid, not wanting to venture too far into the world outside.

But what about the positive stuff happening out there that no one writes about? This video discovers the stories that redress the balance to see how peace can come out of war on the streets of London...

As part of recent Current TV production, Twilight Bey and several of his peers provide a compilation of landmark interviews, all of which demonstrate practical ways to combat negative gang mentality.

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Thanks to Darkling TV for this video